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I coach people to be comfortable in their own skin. 

I like to smile and be happy. It has taken me many years to figure out how to achieve that almost all the time and it has taken me on an interesting and winding journey.

I have mainly lived in rural parts of the country but have experienced life in London and Paris.  

I have been settled in Gloucestershire for the last 15 years and live close to Cirencester which is a town I love.  

I have dogs and keep bees.  I learn a tremendous amount from the natural world and often bring what I learn to my coaching.

I am trained in Psychosynthesis Coaching. Psychosynthesis is a positive psychology that enables you to use all of your subconscious and conscious mind to create the life you want.

I am also attuned to Reiki and astonishingly for me, I have been practicing now for over 30 years. 


Whilst I do not use Reiki for hands on healing now, it helps me in my work.  I am able to use the healing ability I have whilst coaching. I find it adds magic.


I do not believe that being happy is living in a state of perpetual bliss but it is knowing how to cope with the ups and downs of life in a positive way.  There are always downs but they do not always mean disaster. Action rather than reaction gives you the purpose and strength to live in the upbeat way you want to.  

Confidence, resilience and hope are three words that I consider to describe happiness.  Life is not always a bowl of cherries but it can be great fun when you start to realise that every experience is worthwhile when you know how to deal with it.   Don't let life run you. You run life.



How I Can Help You

  • Be Your Best Self. Live Your Best Life.

    1 hr

    70 British pounds
  • Please Contact Me To Book A Workshop At Your Work Place. Make this th...

    1 hr

    £25.00 per person
  • Ideas Of What Happiness Is And How to Achieve It. Live Your Best Life

    1 hr

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